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[November 1 2022] Got hit with a wave of melancholy today. It's so dark out at 3:35 in the afternoon. Funnily enough, I was gonna journal about my favorite person which is what my last entry is about lol. I'm embarrassed no matter where I write it though. This tea is so sweet, I feel like they put more than one sugar in it. I feel at the end of my rope with tutoring. Just tired of it. Ugh.

[September 16 2022] Colin Hay - Beautiful World Thinking about my favorite person today. We don't see each other or talk more than a couple times a year anymore. At some point I'll probably find a new favorite person. I always end up crying when I think about that though, like right now. Maybe we can live in the same city when we settle into adult life. Was gonna keep this brief cause I have a lot of readings to do this weekend. I thought about her bc NaNoWriMo came up and I remembered how much she hates NaNoWriMo bc I spent all my lunch periods that month writing instead of hanging out with her. Which reminded me that she (used to?) prefer eating cold fruit gummies cause I would always give her mine at school and they usually had been sitting next to my ice pack. Growing up is so amazing and I'm glad I have the capacity in my heart for such huge sadness and joy and LOVE all at the same time. The way people come into your life and leave a big heavy pit in you, but that's the whole point.

[September 12 2022] Today I boldly went where no man has gone before in conquest of some Fucking Juice. it was brave and awesome and demonstrated self-love and I have the juice now. The poor food-order-app promotions guy harassed me the whole time I was waiting. i had tried the app last year and it sucked ass and made things way harder and Worse so I deleted it immediately. he very much wanted people to download the app and i very much wanted to not break down in the Fucking rec building. so here we are. one of us emerged victorious. and if you care to find out who. you'll see that i am NOT in possession of any new "app"s. #success #girl

[August 23 2022]

[August 20 2022]
I LOVE MY EPIC FRIENDS!!!!!! they are so cool and nice and HILARIOUS and giving and understanding and LOVING!!! im so glad i got to see them today. I realized all the bad feelings and guilt and worry I've been feeling all come from trying to get 1 person's approval. I need to seriously understand that disappointing that person is NOT my problem seeing as I'm not hurting anybody including myself. What that person thinks of my decisions, actions, achievements etc is important to me and i can't help it, but i will NOT let their potential opinions and reactions restrict me. i am my own awesome person and i deserve to feel free and live how i want, even if my path isn't what people would have chosen in my place. Ok that was the introspection/ self love portion let me return to LOVING MY FRIENDS they are seriously the best things to ever happen!!!! being around them makes me a better happier guy!! they inspire me to reach for the sky .

[July 27 2022]

[July 13 2022]

A transparent image of Sam and Max walking, from the Sam and Max comic. They are having a stroll
A blinkie reading: 665: Neighbor of the beast. A blinkie of Shrek and Donkey zoomed in reading: Shrek. A blinkie with a stuffed animal reading: Stuffed with love. A blinkie reading: I heart baking. A blinkie with Spamton reading: Spamton <3 A blinkie with sharp-toothed wolves reading: I WANT CLAWS. A blue blinkie reading: Soft Hearted. A blinkie with a full moon reading: Is there a full moon? A blinkie with a cup of tea reading: Tea Time. An orange blinkie with a sun reading: I'm a Summer Girl. A Korillakkuma bear plushie wearing a drumstick ice cream cone like a dunce cap.


[July 8 2022] Wove in lots of yarn ends today! I sewed up my snow scarf like I wanted to, and finally trimmed the ends of a textured hat I made a couple months ago. I'm hoping tomorrow I can get pics of a couple knit pieces in the sun!! Next project I'm looking at is the September Hat. It's 11:51pm and I want to bug hunt in acnh so that's the plan. Gaming is way more fun when it's late and dark!!!

[July 7 2022] So I crocheted a tiny Max, and last week decided to bring him with me on a hike as a totem of undying, right? But any picture I try to upload of him gives an error message citing an invalid file type. So the question is, does my Max action figure have so much malice inside that he corrupts files?? Looking into it.

A gif of a 3D bear sitting and waving two balloons in its paw. A blinkie with a snowman, reading: Let the Flakes fallin' down on me. A blinkie with peeps on either end, reading: she/he. A blinkie reading: Boys? Don't give a moo A blinkie reading: i heart evil women A divider of scribbled strawberries that shake in a hand-drawn animation. A blinkie with a picture of a crescent moon, reading: peace and quiet

HI SWEETIE!!!! she's my first webkinz