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Crochet Max

June 25, 2022: My first original amigurumi
A small crocheted bunny, Max. A small crocheted bunny, Max, held up against a mountain landscape. A small crocheted bunny, Max, sitting by a parking sign that reads: 2 Hour Max.

My Dad kindly held him up so I could take a tourist photo! I missed the start of the Sam & Max Renaissance that happened some time in 2021, but these characters totally captivated me recently!! The senseless cartoon violence, witty and/or stupid comedic setups, and surprising amount of heart throughout the series all work to make my brain very happy. Anyway, I decided to try designing my first ever amigurumi since there wasn't much in the way of patterns that I could use for this. I think the simple and varied shapes made for good practice. His face is embroidered on with black thread.

The fingers are individual yarn loops, and I referenced the cartoon for its charming eye style (which comes from how Steve Purcell draws them!). I actually knit 4 i-cords to serve as the limbs. Overall he's a bit inconsistent and clumsy. But I'm happy and so is Max. He likes watching scary shows with me and staring danger in the face. I feel bad for putting him into the world without a Sam, but I'll need more materials and skill before I can attempt to recreate that dog!!

Hoarfrost Hat

May 2022 | Pattern
A large yellow crocheted Among Us crewmate against a black background.

Epic hat. Need a better pic though, my plan didn't work cause it was too bright!

Crochet Among Us

February 2022, pattern via Ami Amour
A large yellow crocheted Among Us crewmate against a black background.

I adjusted the pattern a bit to make him stumpier and larger. He is the colours of a sponge. 10/10 SO huggable.

Boggle Sibling

January 2022 | Pattern
A green crocheted dinosaur with blue spikes.

Soft and marketable . . .

Falling Snow Scarf

Fall-Winter 2021: Purl Soho: Falling Snow Scarf
A long, flat, grey knit scarf with a gradient of white stitches at both ends, resembling falling snow.

Started & finished during the Fall 2021 semester. This knit scarf is soft & heavy and I'm so happy with it!! Ended up sewing the ends since they didn't stay flat even after blocking. I dreamed of making this for over a year and finally went for it!!! Working on and finishing this made me even more excited to try fair isle projects. I'm seriously proud of this scarf :D!

Link's Gauntlets

June 2021 | Link (hehe)
Incomplete green gauntlets, still on the needles. Green forearm gauntlets inspired by Ocarina of Time.

The epic!! Finished in the exact wrong part of the year cause it was boiling outside.


April 2021 | Own pattern, inspired by previous hat and Berry Baby Hat
An incomplete bright red strawberry hat with white seeds, knit in the round. An incomplete red strawberry hat.

Ogh hell yes . . . My "own" creation in the first pic, followed by my restoration of a hat gifted to me when I was a baby!

Works in Progress

- Year of Hats: September Hat, attempt 2.
The ribbing was stretchy enough but the body of the hat was too tight. Attempting on larger needles, but I think I might need to just start over and add a repetition.
Melanie's Mandala Baby Blanket CAL
So excited about this one!!! Wish me luck :]

Under construction hehe





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